Your Help Requested!

I’ve been on a journey and walk with god by myself, deserted by family and friends. Ask people to help and no one volunteers! Any do-gooders around? None around. Any religious zealots? None volunteered.

Should Emperor Aikihito, Emperor of Japan, be dethroned, for some reason, and he lost all of his wealth and was forced to migrate to California. How many Japanese would contribute to his well-being and welfare, being that he will have no money upon his arrival?

Ask the same applied to any monarch and what would any American’s answers likely be?

If China’s emperor came to Hawaii or to any state in the United States of America to live (fleeing for his very life from Manchurian persecution and certain death) and he had absolutely no money, was homeless and poor, would any American help this man? Would anyone of Chinese ethnicity?

How about a Christian king of Chinese and Hebrew ancestry, whose family came to America and now he is hoping to go back home without having any money, suffering all of his life in poverty in America, would any man or even Christian ever care? How many Americans would help? And how many people would minister to a poor and impoverished king, who had nothing to eat, nothing to drink, and nothing to wear (said symbolically)?

Also, “Do American people like Chinese people?” I ask myself quietly inside.

How many church goers would help? Does anyone ever wonder how our nation is treating this man and why doesn’t anyone care?

Today is Sunday, 02-28-2010.
I am, as of this moment, poor (no money), homeless, unemployed, and disabled. Doesn’t anyone care?

By the way from June 23, 2008 to March 30, 2010 this site has been visited 5,950 times, whereas Obama’s Facebook has about 8 million friends (7,970,125). Strength lies in numbers, in people. Obama has them. Strength lies in endorsements. Rich people get ahead and poor ones often stay behind. Obama has wealth. Yet, some people live their lives by principles, rather than to be lawless and some people live their lives by God’s word.

From June 23, 2008 to January 21, 2011 this site (my official website) has been visited 10,775 times and Barack Obama’s official Facebook site has gained 17,881,341 friends!

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