Unfairly And Unjustly Evicted By The Institute Of Human Services, Inc.

Unfairly And Unjustly Evicted By The Institute of Human Services, Inc.
December 31, 2012

I am a professional person and I maintain such conduct, even in light of others not doing so, as all people of my caliber would do. I highly value my good name, word, and community standing. In order to protect my good name, I try very hard to be honest and upright with all people and to conform to all rules and laws. I obey instructions and I try to follow the letter of the law. Sometimes, my doing this to the extreme. People can depend on someone like me, because I listen and follow rules, codes, norms, and laws (written and unwritten as well as dictates of men and women in positions of authority).

Why should I do any less?

I was wrongfully and unjustly evicted from IHS about a year ago by a male counselor. The man still works there and I suspect still maintains a grudge against me, unfairly, and with prejudice judges me, because of my trying to set the record straight with his superiors (Board of Directors of IHS).

It is wrong for any professional man (counselor at IHS) to hold grudges and to find ways, later, to get his revenge. Trying to evict me, once again, under terms and conditions that are not fair and do not reflect the exact circumstances that exist.

On December 31, 2012, I was told, by his co-worker, that I have until January 5, 2013 to remove myself from IHS, the homeless shelter where I currently reside. No reason was given other than the case worker, a young girl, saying that it was due to what (name deleted), a counselor at IHS, said. Both case worker and counselor were unfair and did not take into consideration my plight, (1) being China’s emperor in exile, (2) being unemployed, homeless, and disabled, and (3) my making diligent effort to become sufficient per their shelter requirements per my physical condition. This I have done to the best of my ability and special circumstance. Yet, these two people did not take my condition into consideration and lied saying that I am not making progress in getting out of this homeless shelter. Let the general public be the judge!

If I am out on the streets, it will be very dangerous for me and so I should not be evicted or asked (forced) to leave, until IHS case workers can find me suitable housing.

I have a back condition, diagnosed as permanent nerve and muscle damage. My ligaments are torn as well as my meniscus. And one of my doctors said that I have bone spurs and bone fractures. I am in a wheelchair and cannot get around without it being damaged, though I am in a wheelchair. My knees and back pains me daily and I am on pain medication. Both people at IHS do not care about my condition, what they care about most is the maintenance of their jobs and getting back at me! They have a grudge against me, truthfully and most honestly speaking, and they want me out of IHS due to this, yet they claim that they are doing so in order to get other people, new people, in their shelter and get credit for increasing the number of people being served by their shelter. Unfortunately, this is without giving any due consideration to injured people like myself, who are already clients there at this shelter! The counselor in question as well as my case worker at IHS, somehow, just don’t care.

Remember, I am an international VIP and foreign head of state!

Personally, I think that they should be fired for not caring about people and for not caring about my condition. My condition, without proper care, will get medically worst. Yet, I am a foreign head of state, a VIP (very important person) who can and will donate to this shelter, when I am back on my feet and able to do so!

Rather than to help people, they seem intent on punishing people (for trying to set the record straight with the Board of Directors of IHS) by my informing the Board of Directors as to what is really going on in this shelter. Revenge is what these two people are trying to do for my whistle blowing activities.

I am human. I am a person. Counselors and case workers should care about the people that they are supposed to serve!

So, from 01-01-2012, today, I have four days left to live in the homeless shelter, then I will be kicked out in the cold!

I am a political negotiator and my work, possibly, has saved thousands of U.S. troop lives! By the way, the Counselor is the U.S. Veteran’s advocate at the IHS shelter and he hates me and has it in for me unfortunately!

I AM IN A WHEELCHAIR with a serious back condition and two badly damaged knees, due to my employment as a carpenter. To put someone like myself out in the cold on the streets, where it is very dangerous, especially for me, a white-collar professional and government negotiator, is totally wrong and it presents a very serious security risk to me. My life is at risk out on the streets.

Shouldn’t a legitimate Veteran’s counselor care?

In 1990-91, I was the go-between or informal political negotiator between, President George H.W. Bush and Iraq’s then-President Saddam Hussein. In 1990-91, President Saddam Hussein informally agreed to the Bush White House’s demands for his withdrawal from Kuwait, due to my special efforts. I was the negotiator who successfully secured President Saddam Hussein’s agreement to Bush White House demands for his withdrawal, which was ignored by the Bush administration (due to hidden political reasons) and I was never paid for my efforts and left out in the cold.

I am, also, by the history of China, emperor of China (refer to other links at my website https://himyaosui.wordpress.com), head of state in exile, which IHS, the homeless shelter, and the Bush and Obama administrations have refused to acknowledge, due to selfish and political reasons, due, additionally, to the Bush administration’s refusal to come to terms with Saddam’s honest and fair agreement to withdraw in 1990-91.

So, in view of all of this IHS still stubbornly wants to kick me out of the shelter, where my security will be at risk from hoodlums and thugs. And my resume was sent to IHS in earlier correspondence.

I PRAY that the IHS Board of Directors will intervene in this urgent matter and that I will not be evicted. I pray that my case worker will have a turn of heart and that she will find suitable housing for me. This I have asked her for and desired!

A copy of this statement will be sent to President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and IHS on January 1, 2013. https://himyaosui.wordpress.com


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