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Quick Notes 03-10-2010:

President Barack Hussein Obama II and the people of the United States of America

His Majesty Imperial Yao Sui, Emperor of China and Head of State in Exile
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I wonder what Barack Obama thinks of China, its people, nation, government, and emperor. I ask myself, why does this man bow to the Saudi king and to the Japanese emperor? Why would any American do that?

If a person of true Hebrew paternal descendancy (someone whose family had a long history of obedience to the true god) presented himself to President Obama or wrote a few letters to him, what would he, President Obama, then do? If this paternal Hebrew was officially the succession emperor of China and he secured Saddam’s agreement to the Bush White House withdrawal in 1990, for and on behalf of peace and for and on behalf of the American people, for and on behalf of President Bush, does he merit more favor than the Saudi king and the Japanese emperor?

If China was the most populous nation on the surface of this earth and had the largest voting block at the United Nations, how important does this man now become in President Obama’s eyes?

If this man were a true Christian and he wanted to return home with his small family of 300 people plus a host of American political and business leaders (1) to bring God’s message to the Chinese people and (2) to speak to the senior leadership of China’s Communist Party, of which he is related to Chiang Kai-shek, Sun Yat-sen, and Chow En-lai as younger second-cousin, to Mao Tse-tung and to Deng Hsiao-ping as clan cousins, how should Obama treat him?

Last of all if this man believed in your country and wanted to establish good relations with an upright West (USA) and bring democracy and Christianity to his nation and family of people, what would the whole of America think of this man? Is he a good man or evil one?

What does President Obama think?

If this man’s mission was to bring about democracy and Christianity in China through a voluntary conversion of the entire nation by peaceful measures, changes taking place in China without violence, through an educational campaign and having secured the Chinese people’s faith in God, would the American public curse this man and deny him his mission? Would churches and Christians desire to help him? How about those in Hawaii?

What is this nation like and all about anyway?

Is President Obama the anti-Christ or the man of lawlessness as spoken of in the Holy Bible? Is President Obama a good and upright man? A man of god, who will never lie? A person, perhaps, that we can put our trust and full faith in? Who is he and what kind of man does he truly want to be? Only he can answer the last question.

WHAT APPLIES TO OBAMA, ALSO, APPLIES TO CONGRESS in some or in many ways. When a war is known to be illegal and Saddam was not a threat to the entire Middle East and his nation did not possess weapons of mass destruction, do we continue on in the killing of his people, 500,00 in the first wave of bombings, sanction his nation for 11 years, killing 800,000 more people in the process. And do we go into his nation, in 2003-2006, and continue to kill ’til the death toll is 650,000 people based on a lie? Where is our nation’s humanity?

If you break it, you own it?

If you break it, you must humble yourselves before God, the almighty, for your sins (crimes against humanity) are great, very very great. The slaughter of two million innocent people is a great tragedy of epic proportions and your nation as of this moment in time, still, is continuing its killing of people based on the pretext that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction!

Beseeching God, submissively, meekly, very humbly, in a timely and humble manner, making an admission of unworthiness and pummeling one’s body, over and over again, is what one should do be doing.

God’s word requires that we make an open and public confession of our sins and compensate the victims manyfold, resetting the victims back to the original condition or better than what they were in prior to our transgressions.

Then calling for an end to terrorism is now justified and a new reality becomes the true order of the day. This war and other ensuing wars is illegal and is the true cause of our nation’s financial failures. Many responsible people did many irresponsible things, which brought this condition about.

When you end the war, you end the real cause of your nation’s downfall. And by restoring order, then, thereby, you are restoring your very souls. The people that you have wronged and have murdered should be fully compensated, as the Bible says, and then, after doing so, can you present yourselves and your offering upon God’s alter and grace and regain your fallen souls.

Should this not be true for our entire nation?

When will you restore Saddam’s life back to his family and children (a man that your nation has truly maligned inaccurately)? And when will you restore mine? Lastly, what are the consequences of doing upright and good deeds? Or even good deeds to China and to its Hebrew emperor? Does any American know? 2,000,000 people beloved unto God and better?

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