Madelyn L. Dunham

Madelyn L. Dunham, a family acquaintance. Looking back at my own family’s history and existence in Hawaii, it seems as if our families have crossed. When Madelyn Dunham came to Hawaii, she made effort to meet people much like herself. From what I know of her via my family connections and from readings on the Internet, Madelyn Dunham was some kind of radical and she sought out people much like herself. To the best of my knowledge, she thought that our family of Chinese immigrants were outcast and did not like the U.S. government, so she made a special effort to befriend family members. She did the same and went out of her way to befriend people like Neil Abercrombie. From hearsay, she pledged her daughter to my family (to me in marriage by proxy and concept though never having met me).

As to my family’s stand on the U.S. government, we are not outsiders or radicals. And we do not hate, dislike, or distrust the U.S. government, so someone like Madelyn Dunham would have been very unpopular with extended family members whom she met.

Sometimes in life many things happen and family stories are not shared with others.

I am speaking of the old Madelyn, the Madelyn Dunham, who first came to Hawaii.

Anyway with the passing of time many things are forgotten and people go on with their lives. We try not to condemn, as Christians, and we seek to bless people by God’s wishes and ways.

Some people change and they accomplish a lot in life (surprisingly), which really is to their credit. Rather than to seek to condemn, Christians should always by their very nature give goodwill, God blesses us and judges us by our acts, works, and deeds.

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