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Added on 09-20-2009:
Question: Why would you attend a US military church?
Answer: Growing up in Kaneohe, I was a Methodist. Most of my friends and brother’s friends were either brainy Asians or military dependents. So, I feel at home with people in the military. I hope that your church and the current church that I am planning to attend will accept me as one of their own. It’s very nice to go to a place where you are welcomed and no one wants to be in a hostile church. While growing up, most of my friends were either Whites or Asians. Secondly, from 1990-1991, on my own accord, though not without President Bush not knowing, I went on a letter writing campaign and used my family’s position and authority to write to many European and Middle East nations. I was able to then secure Iraq’s President’s agreement (President Saddam Hussein) to the Bush White House plan for his withdrawal from Kuwait, which he agreed to. And through a series of letters, I had set the basis for an entire peace accord, which Saddam had agreed to. I hope that people in the military will appreciate me for all I have done for this nation in trying to secure a just resolution to the Iraq War. Being so well-connected to the US military, it only seems natural for me to want to be around these people, from my childhood to adulthood.

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