Barack Obama v. Mitt Romney

Officially by China’s history and by China’s Han-Chinese Imperial succession, I am China’s Emperor-in-exile. I generally stay away from American politics, but I, sometimes, participate as participation leads to my learning. My thinking or ideas on politics is similar to the thinking of many of Hawaii’s people, which tends to favor the Democrat Party, yet, when I was a Junior in high school, I joined the Young Republicans. The student chairman of the Hawaii Young Republicans, Tim Quinn, allowed me to cast the winning vote for Nelson Rockefeller back then. I view Mitt Romney in the same vein and having the same idealism and charisma as Nelson Rockefeller. Mitt, a wealthy man, knows and understands the economy and businesses. His advantage is in his ability to turn the U.S. economy around and, so on this point, I believe that he will win the love and support of the majority of the people of this nation and defeat our current President. This is just my opinion. Dated: April 19, 2012.

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