America’s Thoughts On China

Questions of 07-05-2010:

1. What are your thoughts on China?
2. What is the nature of man as Socrates and other philosophers have earlier discussed in philosophy and history books?
3. Are Chinese people good or evil as judged by God and his standards?
4. Are you aware that good and evil is determined by God/God’s standards and not by man/man’s standards?
5. Do you know God’s standard for judgment as to who is acceptable for salvation to his kingdom?
6. As a general rule, what percentage of America’s population is acceptable?
7. As a general rule, what percentage of China’s population is acceptable?
8. Do Americans and the American government (military planners, congressional leaders, and others in Congress and in the Pentagon) feel that they are acting in fulfillment of God’s will and prophesy by acting in harmony with the Book of Revelation, dictating and implementing the solutions to this world’s problems of hunger and over-population by killing 1/5th of this world’s population with impunity? Are we agents of God, the almighty, or are our nation’s military planners under some kind of delusion and power play, where they are, like Barack Obama, accountable to no one? Do you think that Barack Obama is smart enough to care and to say “No!” $5.5 million income from last year looks like more than enough to persuade him of the merits of the Bush White House doctrine. God and human life is meaningless for a Muslim. A Christian would, on the other hand, be restrained by a God-trained conscience.
9. Would you favor seeing God and God’s salvation bring true blessings to China and to China’s people?
10. Are Chinese deserving of God’s salvation and should China’s current emperor and Hebrew king return to China to bring God’s message of true hope and salvation to China’s people? Doing the same in Iraq for his people (Hebrew clan and tribal people, which comprises of less than 15 percent of Iraq’s population). How many Christians and how many Americans would like to help? How many would in the very bare minimum offer their prayers and well wishes?

What can you do to help?

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