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Public Speaking Engagements:

I do not have an agent, yet I am open to doing lectures on God and religion, on man’s relationship with God, and on our nation’s current political crisis, the Obama presidency, the war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. I do public talks on topical items like food aid to North Korea and the South Korean ship sinking.

My background is four years of college as a business major and history minor, part-owner of a small management and political consulting firm, as well as the person who successfully secured Saddam’s agreement to the Bush White House demand for his withdrawal from Kuwait in 1990.

My resume is posted online at my website, see my homepage.

I began my religious training as a child at the age of 10. Attending the United Church of Christ on Judd Street, then at that time our family’s church, and later attended Parker United Methodist Church in Kaneohe, where I grew up.

I do free lectures for church groups and non-profit organizations on religion, US political affairs, and about my family’s Hebrew and Han-Chinese history, heritage, and genealogy.

I am a very open and honest individual and I share what I know with the greater community to uplift society. I lecture on religion, church and congregation building. And if I have the time, I try to actively participate in both church and community affairs.

I believe that people should be well-rounded and firmly grounded in God.

I try to be a problem solver and I reach out to people of all levels of society, both rich and poor.

I ask that churches not be afraid of speaking to me, I am a good person wanting to help build the body of Christ. I am a learner in life and can benefit by serving others as well as by my association with a good Christian church.

Officially by China’s history and Han-Chinese succession, I am China’s current emperor and the king descendant of China’s Hebrew Jo Dynasty. I am a very solid historian on ancient China, Chinese history, and the Jo Dynasty.

I seek to share the knowledge that I have gained and to help people know truth.

See my profile on Eventful.com

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