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I do broadcast who I am and what I believe in, because I am a good man wanting to get out to people in this world. Hopefully to very influential people, so I, in my capacity as China’s head of state in exile, might be able to do good things to affect change.

I am 61 years old as of this writing. I finished four years of college as a business major (in management) and history minor (in world civilizations, examining every major nation, 150 of them, from their very beginning to present). I worked for Lester D.K. Chow and Associates, my family’s business concern, as a business consultant and as one of the few Iraq-U.S. government political crisis negotiators during the Gulf Crisis in 1990-91. My family and Hawaii’s people tend to be John A. Burn’s democrats in Hawaii, sometimes, supporting good and upright Republicans like William F. Quinn.

When I was in high school, I joined the Young Republicans to see what was on the other side of the fence. I liked the idea of being wealthy and being both conservative and well-dressed, my coming from a poor and humble background like all or most Asians in Hawaii. Hiram L. Fong included. The “L” secretly represents a traditional Chinese yin.

I love this nation. I always have. I am not like the Obamas’ with their off-key vision and anti-American, socialist, and Marxist ideas. While I am poor, I go out of my way to meet and make friends with the wealthy in Hawaii and I try to see things from, hopefully, an unbiased point of view. To be an outsider in American politics, like Obama is, just will not do, because one will then be making change which will feel foreign to most Americans. Good Asians will often take a backseat to Whites and will humble themselves and try to do what is correct for the majority rather than to please one’s handlers, the big elites, or to act in one’s own self-interest.

While Obama is well-intentioned, a man with a good heart, he is without political experience and subject to the whims of big money interest as he does not know his way around the American political scene. Also, lacking in judgment and good sense. He becomes a puppet and he will eventually lose his way and become like the large entities who now control him. All of his life Obama has been behind the scenes, not wanting to be known, as there are many illegal things in his past like his not having a legal and legitimate birth certificate. So, in the past, he did not make waves and was hidden from public view.

The major American political figures and U.S. Presidents, I do like and most closely identify with are John F. Kennedy and the Kennedy family, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Lyndon B. Johnson, Hubert Humphrey, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. While all of these men do have their faults, who doesn’t, is there a single American politician liked by all of the American people?

I think that Obama does have a good heart coming from a somewhat dysfunctional and disadvantaged background, yet he is the biggest liar and the most dirty American politician to ever surface in American political history. Rather than to consider American ideals and valuers, he plays hardball and doesn’t care who he hurts. Being above the law and with a disregard for Jehovah, the almighty and true Christian god, Obama’s future will not be blessed and he will not act in America’s best interest as an upright and truly good Christian would. Likely Obama will promote the New World Order and agenda willingly. A man without political experience not knowing right from wrong or even caring. Self-preservation with him comes first. Not coming from a truly upright or central American point of view. His earlier political speeches were good and many people bought into his ideas and political lies, yet this man’s past proved to be flawed and showed that he did not have the strength, integrity, and experience to uphold and carry-off a good fight.

I look at myself as being a Nixon-Reagan-Bush person with very very strong and solid support for the Kennedys.

Rather than to be loyal to a political party, most people in Hawaii would rather look and choose a man over party lines.

I support Alex Jones’s revelations and truths about the Kennedy assassinations, 9-11, and my own version of the Iraq War (Gulf Crisis 1990-1991). In 1990, I was the U.S. government negotiator and I successfully secured Iraq’s President’s agreement to the Bush White House demand for his withdrawal. This fact was never published by the press allowing our nation to illegally go to war and on the basis that Saddam was a threat to the U.S. and western world. That he possessed some 10 to 12 different types of chemical and biological weapons and was on the verge of acquiring a nuclear bomb within six to eight months. All of these things were outright lies and fabrications of the Bush administration, the Pentagon, and highly placed political figures in Washington D.C. 19 years later, this story still goes unpublished by our nation’s press.

Our nation is a good nation, yet we do many criminal things. Not truly looking and discovering that there are alternatives and that criminal activities need not take place. Then, too, Obama is not smart enough to see, know, and desire to implementation good, upright, and workable ideas. Being illegal and not wanting to empower good people, Obama puts former government officials in his Cabinet and excludes people who are able to bring about the right set of changes.

I and my family have lived in this nation for all or most of our lives, my family since 1871. We are solidly American!

HIM Yao Sui
March 30, 2010

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