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For the entire year of 2009, due to a back injury, I worked only one day a week and four hours per day. I do not get government assistance of any kind, no welfare or disability payments. When I finally retire, according to the U.S. Social Security office in Hawaii, I will receive no social security payments because I did not earn enough to qualify.

For the past 20 years, I was underemployed and I was homeless for five years.

No money, no friends, and no family to comfort and support me. Like the soldier of fortune, when you lose your wealth you will have no friends as everyone shies away from you. Not even Christian brothers have I. How about Job, who suffered alone?

Does anyone care for a Chinese king and emperor to render unto him dignity and to minister to him?

Poor and destitute in the greatest nation on the surface of the earth. Does the U.S. government care about having good relations abroad and making friends for the future of this country? Or would it rather bomb and kill people, murder committed under the color of the law.

I was the negotiator, in 1990, between President George H.W. Bush and President Saddam Hussein. Saddam agreed to terms and the Bush administration did not tell the truth that Saddam had agreed to withdraw from Kuwait peacefully.

Ever since I have not held a job. Just desserts for a good man and China’s emperor and king. A Christian who still harbors a love for God and desire to do God’s will. To preach and teach of the coming of God’s kingdom and of his love and salvation for man.

I am here and willing!

No money and no savings of any kind. I have bills to pay and I dress in street beggar’s clothing. Torn shirts and tattered pants. Does anyone care for the greatest figure to come out of China in the 20th century?

It is my mission, joy, and love to bring God’s word to China’s 1.3 billion people. While Christian missions are overjoyed at making one convert or ten, my vision is the entire nation of China. 1.3 billion people. Every single Christian denomination, including the Catholics, have failed God in this respect and has failed to see the urgency of this mission being promoted by China’s paternal father and king. How about you?

Help me swim or sink?


HIM Yao Sui,
A paternal Hebrew, China’s official emperor and
king, family patriarch and father of the nation, a
Christian (Methodist). Does anyone care, if I
live or die, have adequate security, food, clothing,
and shelter.

How many people have volunteered to join
my mission going to China? How many Christians?
How many churches have given of their love and
time to me and to this mission?

January 10, 2010

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