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HIM Yao Sui is China’s current Emperor and head of state in exile. When his family came to this country (1871) the family treasury was brought with them, which amounted to between $300 million to $600 million. This money was put into the hands of other people and it has since been dissipated. By 1991, what was left of the family Imperial treasury was worth an estimated $600,000. Today, 2008, we have no money at all.

Emperor Yao Sui completed four years of college at American universities in business and history. He is a part-owner of Lester D.K. Chow and Associates, a small management and public relations firm. Through Lester D.K. Chow and Associates, he negotiated the withdrawal of Saddam’s forces in 1990 putting a permanent end to the Gulf Crisis.

The Imperial family’s surname is Chow in English, Zhou in pinyin, Chou in the Wades-Giles system of romanization, and Jo in the English rendering of his family’s Hebrew surname.

The name of the dynasty is the Chou Dynasty as given in English in American history textbooks. In Hebrew it is the Jo Dynasty. The name Jo is the shortened form of God’s name Jehovah. Jo is the same name as in Joshua (jo.shua), meaning “God has saved”. The Jo or Chow family are among the last of the Hebrew race. Their roots come from the pre-biblical territory of Sephar to Mesha (now called Iraq) and to the mountainous regions in northern Iraq, where family members still live today.

Their family settled in Hassuna in ancient times and later in the city of Takrit. There was, also, a family residence in the southern city of Iraq called Basra. The contingent that migrated to modern day China lived in the Wei River valley and in Beijing, the capital of China, later. The family’s southern seat in China was called Ma bin Po.

In 1990, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, HIM Yao Sui through his affiliation with the US government (Nixon-Bush administration) and with Lester D.K. Chow and Associates, a family-owned company, successfully negotiated the terms of Saddam’s withdrawal and laid the foundation for an entire peace accord in the Middle East. This was turned down by the Bush administration, quietly and secretly, at a time when the Bush administration was publicly saying that Saddam had refused to withdraw from Kuwait. This was another falsehood and Bush administration White House lie done in effort to take our nation to war.

China’s Emperor and family lives in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he worked for the federal government (US Department of Agriculture) and State of Hawaii in their animal and bird quarantine facilities. HIM Yao Sui was a government wrongdoing whistle-blower in both cases of his employment and was fired from both of his jobs although the firing of whistle-blowers is illegal by federal and State laws. HIM Yao Sui’s life was threatened and he was beaten multiple times by unknown assailants and by local and state police. Complaints were filed with all of the proper authorities, including with the FBI, who refused to take and prosecute this case, and State Attorney General.

From what we know, hearsay, US Senators Dan Inouye and Dan Akaka (fourth uncle to HIM Yao Sui) in early 1990 petitioned President Bush for recognition and for US Secret Service protection for Emperor Yao Sui and somehow got in trouble. We don’t know the particulars behind this event.

In the Summer of 1990, President Bush said that he would be willing to give serious consideration towards the matter and official recognition, which would qualify our family and emperor for the needed US Secret Service protection. When HIM Yao Sui came out against the Iraq War, as a result of his negotiation work with Saddam Hussein, President Bush refused to recognize Emperor Yao Sui as China’s head of state in exile and thereby disqualifying him from US Secret Service protection. This condition has remained until this day and the assailants have never been found or prosecuted.

We requested not only official recognition, but for the services of the US Attorney General to protect us from nuisance and frivolous lawsuits via the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961. These things we were entitled to by law as we are political exiles from China, who escaped Manchurian (Ch’ing Dynasty) persecution and certain death.

Letters went out to every member of House and Senate as well as eventually to 2008 Presidential candidates. And many of these people haven’t replied, including US Senator and 2008 Presidential candidate Barack Obama.


Ps: US Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama has not answered any of the 23 confidential fax letters we sent to him in the past year, since announcing his candidacy. We would assume that he too like President George H.W. Bush refuses to deal with these issues.

My Family’s Church Affiliations:

Chinese Christian Church of Honolulu in 1876
Fort Street Chinese Church 1879-1914
Chinese Congregational Church 1915-1947
United Church of Christ at Judd Street 1948-1992
United Methodist Church 1959-2010

Update 11-01-2010:

Beginning around August-September 2010, HIM Yao Sui has been homeless living out on the streets of America USA (Honolulu, Hawaii) as a homeless person. You’d think that anyone who has helped this country to the degree that he and his family has would be helped by the community in general in Hawaii. HIM Yao Sui negotiated a permanent end to the Iraq War, which was rejected by President George H.W. Bush’s administration in spite of the fact that the Bush administration publicly said, at that time, that all they wanted was for Saddam to get out of Kuwait. HIM Yao Sui’s family, mother and others, has in the past helped the poor and elderly in Hawaii and are known to social service agencies for their work with the elderly. HIM Yao Sui’s grandparents owned a grocery store and contributed goods and general merchandise to the poor in Hawaii.

HIM Yao Sui is currently disabled with two broken knees and can not walk without the aid of crutches. Poor, unemployed, and homeless. Will anyone come to the aid and rescue of this man?

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