A Christian Invitation To God’s Grand Mission, A Call To Worship, And A Call To Minister To People In China


The Bible and Christian doctrine says that the whole world is in darkness (religious darkness) and that Satan controls this world, that he is the god of this system of things, and that he does not allow the true light of God, Jehovah, to shine through or allow people to come to Jah (Ja or Jo, the shortened form of God’s name, as used by early Hebrews) and be saved.

If this is so, then what about our Christian churches? Do they not preach the truth about God?

1. There is no such thing as, a trinity, a triune god. This is an old myth, which is still promoted by the Catholic Church and promoted by other miscellaneous Protestant Christian churches. What is known and true is that God is a spirit. A singular entity. That he is a large and powerful entity, a spirit, a truly good spirit, a holy spirit, most appropriately and correctly referred to as “the Almighty”, “a kind and merciful god”, or “a kind and loving father” who all of mankind is obligated to obey.

2. With a better understanding, when Jesus said that the father and I are one, what Jesus meant was that he and his father are in harmony or in syncronization with one or another (of one spirit and one mind). That they, God (Jehovah), himself (Jesus), and God’s spirit are one (together in spirit and unity).

3. Jesus never coerced or forced his followers as is being done in some of Hawaii’s Catholic churches and in Hawaii’s Protestant churches. Jesus allowed people to be free. That way people could learn to think for themselves, to be free, and to guard their thoughts from wrongful thinking. Jehovah and his son allowed men to be free and to be able to then perfect their walk with Christ as free thinking individuals being able to see and think for themselves.

Here in Hawaii, the Jehovah’s Witness faith does prevail and many people know and are aware of both the Catholic and the Protestant church’s many sins and wrongdoing. Efforts by man, sinful man, to lead people away from God, while providing a safe sanctuary for sin (Gay marriage, homosexual conduct, and pedophilia).

God said that such conduct is an abomination and something not permitted in his Christian congregations. And in ancient times such people were killed, stoned to death. Our US military has come out, long ago, and said that homosexual conduct is not compatible with military service and homosexual conduct is frowned upon in the military and by good military Christian families. Yet, our current Chief of Staff of the military approves of open homosexual conduct in our nation as does our current and illegal and illegitimate US President. People speaking out against these things (high ranking Generals, Captains, and Colonels) lose their jobs for speaking out in defense of the truth and in an effort to protect their families and men from bad and immoral conduct. Recently, the Republican National Committee chairman lost his job for criticizing President Obama and pointing out his flaws and mistakes. Also, see and compare JFK’s speech with Obama’s presidency at http://watchmansclapper.wordpress.com/jfk-blows-the-whistle-on-secret-societies/. In no way does President Obama compare with JFK!

What happens, if one of these military men try to fondle, touch, or molest a foreign dignitary? Does the President Obama care? Does Congress or anyone in the US military?

Should US soldiers obey a command, even if the command is unlawful, unethical, down-right, apparent, and dead-clearly wrong? Does our current Chief of Staff of our nation’s military care about our nation’s and military morals? Is our nation secretly lawless, not caring about God, country, and truth? And can anything be done about this, if truth is stifled from above (by high ranking people in the military and government), who have the power to punish the innocent and good?

Would our nation’s Chief of Staff protect our service men or would he allow them to be coerced and exposed to dishonorable personal and dishonorable Christian conduct? Forced into obeying faulty and immoral codes of conduct or being constantly exposed to such as if such conduct was acceptable and proper. Where to does our Commander in Chief stand with respect to these things and does our nation’s press publish the truth of these matters? Would a man’s past orientation as a gay individual affect his decision-making as to what is right versus what is wrong? Does the press care? Does Congress care? Do the American people themselves care? And is the Obama administration more crooked and corrupt, than any predecessor administration, where they shut up the truth and allow the guiltless to go unjustly punished (for speaking up and for their stand for God and for the truth)?

Where do our nation’s Christian churches stand on these issue?

Anyway back to Hawaii’s churches. People who are homeless have found a shelter away from the cold and food for themselves with a number of Protestant as well as Catholic churches. Many of the homeless knowing the true teachings of God were extremely happy that some Catholic and Protestant churches did not force false teachings or church dogma upon them. So many went to Catholic and Protestant food banks and church food kitchens with gladness and joy, and they participated in these Christian church services.

All of these churches had the homeless people in the palm of their hands. As well as enjoyed the love of God and the love, admiration, and respect of the homeless.

One day (about six to ten months ago) all of this changed in Hawaii. A Catholic church priest noticed that people were not listening to his sermons and so it was explained to him, by another priest, that the people gained true knowledge and were in obedience to God, judging his every word, rather than rendering blind obedience as the priest had expected. “These people are listening to the teachings of the Jehovah’s Witnesses” the other priest said, “and they are judging your every word in conjunction to what they have learnt from the Holy Bible.”

“This can not be!” said the first priest and he put a stop to free Christian thinking and forced everyone to say “Amen” to all of his prayers and sermons. He complained to the local diocese, who mentioned these things to Hawaii’s local council of churches and got many of Hawaii’s Protestant churches, if not all, to follow along. “I want them to worship me” said the Catholic priest in essence, “and I represent God!”

Written and recorded on 07-05-2010.


(a) 80 percent of the population of the United States of America professes a belief in Christ. And on the other hand, the reverse applies where 80 percent of China’s population are atheist.

God judges people by their hearts and minds and God judges people by their faith. Good and bad or good versus evil is and should be judged by God’s holy standards and not be man’s (man’s thinking and standards of right versus wrong).

We, men, learn of God’s word, which shows us a better way to live, a higher standard and a more fruitful and meaningful life. A more correct way, than what the world follows on its own accord and follows without God.

We become Christian and in obedience to God, we evolve on a higher intellectual plane, apart from our own animalistic behaviors.

(b) God allows us the freedom to think and to be able to decide for ourselves as to what is correct from what is not.

(c) The bible tells us that God will come one day and that he will judge people (an event to come like the flood of Noah’s day). That he will put good people on his right and and bad people on his left, and the reward for being obedient to his word is everlasting life. He also tells us that the wicked, those doing harm upon this earth, will be destroyed forever! This being true, why hasn’t our churches been warning people about God’s coming judgment and the destruction that is about to occur? This being false, then churches are faultless. Yes?

(d) If 1/5 of the world is to be destroyed with God’s coming (as mentioned in the bible and in the Book of Revelation) and by God’s judgment, it would be expected that 80 percent of the US will be saved, while 80 percent of China, if not none all, will be destroyed. China makes up 1/5 of this world’s population and China is the biggest debtor to the United States of America. By doing away with China, an ungodly nation that does not as a nation obey God, we are canceling our debt to China and insuring our own secular and economic survival. Pentagon military planners are Christian and they are very well aware of these facts. Then, too, we are human, faulty as we are, yet allowed to uphold God’s teachings as well as God’s judgments and pronouncements (upon the wicked and ungodly) and have been throughout time instruments of the true God’s prophesy, righteousness, and wrath.

Joyous is he that hears and listens to God’s commands. These people are our ungodly nation that brings war and destruction to the entire world. The JFK and related assassination attempts were done by people in our nation’s government, as was 9-11, and the Iraq War. Terrorism, as it is known in the inside circles of government, is of our own nation’s creation, done as a way to help control the masses.

So, if you were Chinese or a Hebrew from Iraq, what would you be thinking and what would you be doing in favor of God and in favor of your holding a true love for God? If you were a true Christian as opposed to a false one, would you follow God’s command and sell everything that you have in order to follow him and bring God’s message of salvation to the masses? How about to China, where 1.3 billion people do not know and have never heard of God’s word…are you up to truthfully preaching in China and in Iraq with no Christian falsehoods or hypocrisy.

For myself, I have no money and I am a poor man with absolutely “no life” (no way to have a social life or the enjoyment of things on this earth). I would dedicate my life to God and I would choose to answer his loving call. I would try to ask people and churches, if they would like to organize a Christian mission to bring God’s word, God’s message, and the Bible back home with me to China and to Iraq. Any takers, why or why not?

Would you like to join me in the preaching work or in the very bare minimum cheer me on as a fellow Christian and support my efforts with prayers? How about signing my guestbook and speaking to me as well as speaking to others, about this mission, lending your ideas and suggestions? I ask for so little and I and my family have given so very much.

My goal is (1) to end the illegal Iraq and all corresponding wars, (2) to gather my family of Hebrews (Hebrews, Hebrew-Chinese, and Hebrew Iraqi) for a day of prayer unto God, and (3) to insure that China will have an upright and righteous government.

Can I be so bad of a man that the US government refuses to sponsor me in these missions and goals? Can I be so bad of a man that President Obama refuses to provide me Secret Service protection and rights under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations 1961 in view of apparent and real threats made upon my life and on my family’s life here in America? Can he legally discriminate as to which laws to enforce and which laws not to enforce? And do such legally and within his presidential power?


God’s grand commission is his offer to us to preach and teach others and the nations about God’s coming and kingdom. About his salvation and mercies for man…and about the end of this system of things. Evil people will be put to a final rest and only obedient people will be saved by God. Matthew 28:19,20.

Please join or support our Chinese Christian mission and Church. View our church history and lend your prayers and your church’s prayers and support to our family’s Christian mission.

Our church services are on Saturday nights from 6pm to 7pm and from 7pm to 8pm. We teach bible fundamentals as well as the history of China and the history of the Hebrew race of man from which the Zhou Dynasty of China descends. Local Hawaii Chinese people (over 80 percent of them) should be interested as this history is their family history in China. Outside of the formal church, we hold discussion sessions on topical things like mankind’s political history and our nation’s current crisis and wars. From 8pm to 9pm is social hour, where people can socialize and meet others in our congregation.

Please view and sign our guestbook in support of our Hebrew-based God-given Christian mission at e-guestbook.


While there have been many Christian missions going to China, not one had the approval of China’s imperial family and not one had taken China’s symbolic leader’s story to China as a testament to God. Perhaps, Christians are remiss or have never thought of asking for permission to preach in other people’s lands. When I go to China, I carry my personal bible wherever I go. I have never been arrested by China’s lower level government leaders for carrying contraband into and throughout the length and breath of China and my bible has never been confiscated.

Part of success in life is in the doing of God’s will and in being upright and abiding in man’s laws.

Sometimes churches want to preach and to have their own personal dogma accepted and it seems that either they are blind to the true god’s teachings and/or want their version of the Christian faith heard without God dictating what they should be preaching. Some denominations want their version to be heard without anyone criticizing and telling them what to do. It seems as if many Christian churches act apart from God.

The reason why I am going to China is because (1) I am a Christian and I have the love of Christ in my heart and in my head. The teachings of the true god should be a part of every man’s life, whether in China or in any other nation upon the surface of this earth. I was amazed to learn that 80 percent of America, if not more, profess to be Christian and that 80 percent of China, if not more, profess no religion or are atheist!

I reasoned, if 80 percent of America is Christian, why couldn’t 80 percent of China, also, likewise accept and worship the true god? Especially in these crucial times, when god is about to judge the world and usher in a new age.

80 percent of Hawaii’s local Chinese are from my family circle, yet no one, be they Chinese, White, or any other race, is supporting my mission to go back to China carrying God’s word.

At present without anyone making a fuss, I have a good community reputation. Where I am China’s Premier Zhou Enlai’s younger second-cousin by blood and I am the younger second-cousin of Chiang Kai-shek and Sun Yat-sen. Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping are clan cousins. By my family’s ancestry or immediate family tree, I am very well situated in China. A person of high esteem, who should be able to open doors for anyone righteous and upright, my being China’s emperor. I read about European kings, even in our modern day Christian century, who accepted Christ and had a message thereby for their nation. Why would churches ever poo-poo such a man and dismiss him as being nothing?

I spoke to Pastor Clyde Millen, of the Holy Nativity Church (Episcopal) in Aina Haina, who opened up his entire church and heart to me. I spoke to retiring priest Father John Sullivan of the Star of the Sea (Catholic), who welcomed me to his service and spoke with me for about 1 1/2 hours after the service. We exchanged stories about the Christian ministry and about the preaching work that went on in China. I spoke to Pastor Tom Choi (Methodist) and to Pastor Tim Mason (Lutheran), who did not reject what I was doing and my position as China’s emperor in exile.

I visited about 40 to 50 churches in Hawaii trying to find a church that would not mind having me as a member and I spoke to the pastors of each church as well as to its membership, at random, about who I am and what I would like to do in service to God and about this Christian mission. Believe it or not, out of 40 to 50 Christian churches, four chased me out (physically) saying that they never want me back ever again. I have business cards and my website, where my entire family history is published as well as my resume. I am not a fraud and this is not a hoax. Yet, people are funny, where they make decisions as to who is god and decisions as to who and how to serve doing so apart from the Christian bible. Churches mind you, so now I understand Mao and China’s communist party not wanting Christians in their nation.

If you took away the hypocrisy and selfishness from these Christian churches and told them to truly preach the word of God, the Christian faith would be better represented. Jesus said that Christians should show love among themselves as the mark that they are truly his followers. This is something that Hawaii’s Christian churches do not do and they like little children argue and fight over doctrine and church dogma.

“I want” and “I am right” kind of thing. How can any man recommend such people as being people of God.

I, also, met Mark Hanson, the presiding Bishop of the ELCA, while he was here in Hawaii. And then there was Pastor Douglas Olson, who also welcomed me to his church with open arms and true Christian love!

If I were a Christian ministry, I would not mind going to China with China’s official emperor in exile and to have him give testimony about his family’s conversion to the Christian faith. Such is a testament to God.

I am open to speaking to and writing to Christian ministries, who share a genuine love for the Christ and the same love for the people and nation of China. I am open to speaking engagements around the world about my love for God and my experiences, religious and secular, about the war in Iraq and about a better future for our nation as well as the entire world in God’s hands. Please contact me by postal letter for more details and a direct response. Read my website thoroughly, so that you will be better able to craft an appropriate response. A stamped, self-address envelop is required.

Thank you very much!

Written and posted on 07-05-2010.

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