4. Brief History of the Hawaii Chinese Community – Chow/Zhou Dynasty

I hope to re-edit this article and to add more information and references to facts stated herein. But, for now, I am briefly stating that 80 percewnt of Hawaii’s local Chinese community comes from the Chungshan District in China. My family’s migration can be tracked, though that was not supposed to be made known publicly. From Xian, my family travels north and later back just east of Xian, to a major population center in China. From there we migrate to the ancient Wu territory, which was reduced in size and is known, today, as the district in and around Shanghai. This was the Wu territory back in old China and it was much bigger than present.

My family rules China in 1122 BC and at later dates. My family surfaces, privately, just after or at the conclusion of the Ming Dynasty, our clan cousins, as China is conquered by a foreign Manchurian race of people. Manchurians are not Han-Chinese.

(more later)

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