It’s time for God to return to China

1. Officially by China’s history, I am China’s Han-Chinese emperor as opposed to the Manchurian (foreign or Non-Chinese) emperor and lineage. I am, also, a Christian (United Church of Christ). Manchurians have the right (God-given) right to rule and govern their own land of Manchuria. Chinese people have the same right to govern China with her borders, as currently set by international conventions, principles, and rules. The borders that were drawn up in the 1900s should remain as this leads to peace among nations and peoples.

My family has been the governing force in China and/or has been behind the scenes, generally, from China’s very beginnings to date. And, in someway, we try to be China’s dominant or leading force. My family is a Hebrew family, which descends from Eber, from whom the term Hebrew is derived. In ancient timess, my family and clan were married into the family of Huang Di and it was from then (from clanfather’s time) that some of us or many, became asian or oriental (called or described, many years thereafter, as being Chinese)

If one was to examine my family tree and genealogy, one would find that we, my family, are descendants of Eber (Hebrews and not Chinese). We are obligated, thereby, to worship God (the true of the Bible)!

2. My family’s documentation has been held a secret and has never published/promoted as China’s imperial family geealogy, until I published it as such a few years ago. My genealogy and succession records have been published in genealogy journals as: Xiangtan Fangshang Zhou shi jia pu (湘潭 方上 周氏 家譜).

3. When the Christian religion went to China in the 1640s, many Chinese converted including my family (quietly and secretly done). When my family arrived in Hawaii, we were the driving force behind our family’s migration (clan’s migration) to Hawaii. This was done to escape Manchurian persecution and certain death. I have asked the U.S. government many times for U.S. Secret Service protecvtion, but the U.S. government has refused!

4. In the 1640s, many Christians went to China and successufully made many converts, including China’s Royal family. I am today a Christian and China’s official emperor and it is my desire to see that the whole of China, 1.3 billion people, hear and be doers of the word of God.

I would like to lead a Christian mission to China for the purpose of teaching 1.3 billion people, the entire nation of China, about God and to see that such a mission succeeds.

The words found here is a public declaration, my declaration, of my faith. This is the belief that my family has held (some have held, when Christian missionaries migrated to China in droves), since, I believe, the 1640s A.D. in China.

5. Many Christian missions and faiths have been to China without me or without the authority that comes from my family’s lineage. It is like going to a family and trying to convert all of the children, of that family, to the Christian faith without asking or gaining permission from the father of that family (if he would like or would allow and permit Bible studies to his family and/or to his children). Missionaries have acted like this (in an Un-Christian manner) for centuries! Isn’t it about time for things to change!???

6. Christian churches in Hawaii and America have treated me with disrespect and with disdain. I am left to live as a pauper and disabled individual without any physical aid and assistance from America’s churches. When I politely ask for their help, such is and has been denied. People seem to be blind and can only see what they think or deem as being to their own or church’s advantage. Ask them to give, help, or render Christian aid (even free Bible studies) and their pockets dry up and their heart hardens to humanitarian aid and true Christian giving. People in the Western world operate by their own perceived understanding and are not open to the true dictates of God and christian giving. Whenever you have and do offer, people are quick to receive. When you are poor, people are blind to your needs and most honorable and Christian requests. Is this not true for all Christians in Hawaii today!?

7. I feel as if I were all alone in this world with my request to take god (the true god of the Bible) and Bibles into China for the purpose of teaching and preaching to China’s 1.3 billiopn people. This request comes from me, China’s correct and true succession emperor-in-exile. From a man whose family in the old days in China actually worshipped the true god as Hebrew people.

Date: November 18, 2012

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