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TWO Temporary Messages:

1. With other people posting malicious things on my site and blog, I am compelled to say: What this website is all about is things Chinese and research materials for scholars of Chinese studies and interested persons to read. I do not have time to play childish games. Thank You!

I am a senior citizen, 64 years old, and officially, by China’s history, emperor and head of state in exile.

I am, generally, non-political. If someone in the world is a dignified individual, then it is expected that others will give this man the respect due his office and person. There are a lot of bad and unsavory people in this world and it often takes someone like myself to run counter to them. If I am ever taken out of the equation, then there will be a political vacuum left for people, who are unsavory and not so nice, to enter the picture.

Why would anyone post malicious things on another person’s blog or website? Aren’t people civilized and considerate of others? PLEASE DO NOT publish your garbage on my website and blog! Thank you.

2. I am currently poor (without money), unemployed, homeless, and disabled. I have a serious back condition and two bad knees. I, therefore, am in a wheelchair and the homeless shelter where I lived kicked me out. The man responsible was IHS counselor Jay King and his assistant Angela. I have a “broken back”, a back condition (permanent nerve and muscle damage), and two damaged knees (torn ligaments, bone fractures, bone spurs, and torn meniscus). It seems as if IHS has no sympathy for the permanently disabled by kicking us out on the streets instead of finding us housing. Kicking us out to make more room for other people, I was told. In doing so, they get federal money for each new person they take into their shelter. This practice appears to be a scam and the Board of Directors as well as the federal government should be told! And at that point, I would imagine, Jay King would be fired!

3. I have been posting on the Internet since 1978 and no one has come forth and volunteered to help me. I am, by the history of China, Emperor of China currently living in exile in the United States of America. I am poor, unemployed, homeless, and disabled. I do have about $500 in Social Security disability payments to live on and I am at this time wondering why is it that no one has come forth to help? The cost of living in Hawaii is very high and I previously lived in a homeless shelter for the poor and handicapped. Why is it that no one cares?

I am living out on the streets of Honolulu currently!

Yours truly,
HIM Yao Sui

End of TEMP Messages.


This is the official website of HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY YAO SUI (HIM Yao Sui), Emperor of the nation of China (Emperor-in-exile), Zhou/Chou Dynasty 1644 AD to present. This website is currently under construction and is continually being updated. Additional family links can be found at http://chinatownhawaii.com

(1) Here, on my wordpress.com website, you will find 4,000 years of my family’s genealogy and the official Imperial Han-Chinese succession of China.

I hope to have a discussion forum up and running and a link, where people can participate in a discussion of the governance of China and its future.

(2) On my blog and/or discussion forum, which will be attached to this site, you will be able to examine my thoughts and political position and criticize or leave your comments, when my blog is finished and I have it installed.

(3) I have been EVICTED from the homeless shelter, where I lived. Given notice on December 31, 2012 and I am, now, living out on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii. January 6, 2013 was the first day out on the streets of Honolulu. [Click here]


It’s dangerous for me, China’s official succession emperor and head of state in exile, to be out here on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii!

Doesn’t anyone — President Obama, members of US Congress, Hawaii’s Governor, Hawaii’s Mayor, Hawaii State Legislature, City and County of Honolulu, VIPs, international figures and politicians; University of Hawaii students, professors, and administration; staff, officers, and board of directors of the Institute for Human Services (IHS); and other people in Hawaii and worldwide — care?

You can help! I need money to survive, but in the bare minimum, for now, (1) please sign my guestbook and (2) write to President Obama and your nation’s press informing them of my plight and recommending that your nation, our nation, help me! I have no money and so how am I, China’s official Han-Chinese succession emperor, to survive?

Chinese Song:
[Click here]

In 1990-91, I was the government negotiator (a very upright and loyal American), who secured Saddam’s agreement to the Bush White House demands for his withdrawal from Kuwait, saving countless numbers of U.S. troop lives. Is my goodness not worth redemption? You can help by writing letters to members of Congress, to President Obama, and to State and federal government officials asking them to intervene and to help provide relief for my plight of being in the U.S. without any means by which to support myself!

I am a foreign head of state (as China’s emperor-in-exile) and I am the person who secured Saddam’s agreement to American demands for his withdrawal from Kuwait in 1990-91. I am begging and pleading, isn’t there someone out there who might want to help a truly good man, an international political negotiator and celebrity, survive and have the means by which to support himself (have something to eat and a safe place to sleep) in your nation? And I possess the most celebrated Chinese genealogy in the entire world, bar none!

When a person gives so much to this nation, why isn’t there anyone who cares?

PLEASE HELP! I am poor, unemployed, disabled, and homeless. I have no money and therefore cannot survive. Your help is requested and very badly needed!

Ps: I am an upright man and a responsible individual, but sometimes we fall short and we are in need of government assistance for the moment. I am NOT a leach on society and yet I have basic and personal needs, which is not covered by government assistance payments. If anyone can help, your help is sincerely and truly needed and appreciated! Good words, even to IHS will help as every man and every organization has a conscience. People are created in God’s image, to be good and to do no evil.

I wish that I had two million hits on my website (many people visiting) and at least that many people signing my guestbook! One time per person though!

If people want, they can, also, e-mail me. So as to prevent a flood of many e-mail letters, which I will be unable to answer, it is best to sign my guestbook and allow legitimate and answerable questions to be asked in in-person meetings with me. I hope that my website, though, will be able to address most concerns.

I have been homeless for the past two years and a number of months. After, I was evicted from the homeless shelter for deformed reasons, I spent one night at Aala Park where it was very cold and, I was told, dangerous. So advised by police and so I left and went somewhere else to sleep. I am an international celebrity, who happens to have no money. The homeless shelter counselor was not concerned about my welfare or safety and he evicted me from the homeless shelter on false and fraudulent charges. He, additionally, was vindictive, because I complained about his conduct to the Board of Directors of the shelter where I lived and where he worked. This was his way to vindictively get back at me for complaining. My complaint against him was legitimate and now I am out in the cold and unprotected from the elements. Remember, I am China’s current succession emperor and head of state of China in exile. Some Americans don’t give a dxxx as their jobs take precedent over my life in their eyes.

My Family:

I am a younger second-cousin of China’s late Premier (Prime Minister) Zhou Enlai and a younger second-cousin of the late Sun Yat-sen.

I am, also, a younger second-cousin to Taiwan’s past President Chiang Kai-shek and I am a descendant of Chang Cheng-kung (Koxinga) on my maternal grandmother’s side of the family.

My mother is a second-niece to the late Henry P’u Yee Aisin-Gioro, last emperor of China from China’s Manchurian Qing Dynasty.

My father is Han-Chinese and a grandson of Chow P’an Lung, great-grandfather of China’s Premier Zhou Enlai. My father’s mother, whom I dearly love, is a grand-daughter of Lin Tse-hsu, also known as Commissioner Lin.

I am a clan cousin (second-cousin) to the Hawaiian race of people as I am a second-cousin to the Kealoha family via my grandfather and grandfather’s younger brother’s marriage with the Hawaiian race of people.

I wish that I had family members wanting to come to my aid and rescue. A small number of them have said that they want no part of their family’s imperial heritage, that it is too much trouble and that they rather live as Americans (Chinese people of U.S. citizenship). My family numbers about 600 people in Hawaii and mainland U.S.

Wikipedia – China
Wikipedia – Zhou Dynasty

I am of paternal Han-Chinese blood and I am Manchurian on my mother’s side. My mother’s father is a paternal descendant of Manchurian, Ch’ing Dynasty (Qing Dynasty), Emperor Dao Guang.

I am, also, a younger second-cousin to the late William Kwai Sun Chow, who practiced the art of Kosho Shorei Ryu.

Take a breather from my website and watch Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and Steven Chow performing the Lion Dance at the 1997 Hong Kong handover ceremony. A very big event for us Chinese people!

Hawaii Chinese New Year Celebration 2011

Hawaii Chinese New Year Celebration 2012

Hawaii Chinese New Year Celebration 2013
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnJhOUyR204
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfJ9EpXQz7s
3. http://freemp3x.com/chinese-new-year-song-2013-mp3-download.html
4. Schedule of New Year’s Events 2013

Whether they know it or not, over 80 percent of the Hawaii’s local Chinese community are related; related together and related to me as they descend and come from Chungshan, China.

Please read my website and leave polite comments on my Lefora blog!
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Please read my Pinterest link [Click here]

My return home to China

My grandfather arrived in Hawaii from China in 1871. My father and I were born here. (1) I want to return home to govern my people and land, even if it means that I am only a figure head under China’s communist government, and (2) I want to see to and insure the upright rule of China and favorable relations between China and all other nations.

I am an American of Chinese ancestry. I was born here, in the US, as was my father. My grandfather arrived in the U.S. as a 10-year-old-boy from China. I hope to build bridges, rather than to set up walls between China and America. I believe that I am the right man for the job. (Ps: I wonder what Obama thinks. I wish that many people would ask him. From Hillary Clinton to many others in high political circles, as well as the average man and many people connected to U.S.-China related organizations.)

I am China’s current succession emperor and head-of-state-in-exile. I am, also, a younger second-cousin of the late Zhou Enlai, former Premier of China, a younger second-cousin to the late Chiang Kai-shek, former President of Taiwan, and a younger second-cousin to the late Sun Yat-sen, First President and founding father of the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Democracy Movement

I believe in democracy and Western freedoms even for China (remember these words are coming from a man who is China’s current emperor, head-of-state-in-exile, and future President), yet students from China, many but not all, who, then at that time, represented the “democracy movement” in China, those who were pushing for the violent overthrow of China’s communist government, whom I have met, have been very vindictive and very disrespectful of who I am, as well as have been very vindictive and very disrespectful of the upright rule of law/order in China. They were, as well, believe it or not, very vindictive and disrespectful of my stand in favor of democracy and freedoms. And they were filled with hatred and were unwilling to listen or compromise.

In China, in the past, these students have been responsible for intentional and willful property damage, inciting rebellion against China’s government, and advocating the violent overthrow of China’s communist system. This is inconsistent with God’s word as contained in the Holy Bible.

Rather than to work with me or to work for progress with China’s government, they (student protestors) have chosen to take to violence and have tried to encouraged similar acts among the Chinese people and other students. How can any ethical and prudent man say that this movement represents the will and true goodness of God? Often, it has been said that what we sow is what we reap!

And so the democracy movement has ended with China’s government crack-down and the student protest no longer exist.

In my opinion, though, China will have democracy in her own time (coming about without violence and bloodshed). That people and governments will come to a realization of the truth, in their own time and way, and that China will become a better nation for it without having to resort to violence and bloodshed.

I see the student “democracy movement” as being misguided and that the student movement had no understanding of history, people, and the governance of nations. I spoke to some of their leaders here in Hawaii and to a few back in China.

When I was in China, two years prior to the Tienanmen Square massacre, I met and spoke to Chinese students in Guangzhou, in my family’s hometown and province, and at Beijing University on a variety of political issues and many students were very thoughtful and did not fully support the student “democracy movement”.

Henry P’u Yee, Last Emperor of China

Henry P’u Yee Aisin-gioro, last emperor of China, is of the Manchurian race (ethnicity). He and his family are not Han-Chinese. They are Manchurian. China has always been ruled by people of the Han-Chinese race, with some exceptions. Mr. P’u Yee’s race entitles him to return to Manchuria and to vie for their nation’s leadership and throne. Hopefully, not wanting to ever return to China and rule.

The meaning and origin of my family’s surname of Chow and my family’s first ancestor’s name of Jobab explained

The Chow surname is derived from the name of our family’s first clan ancestor (see my genealogy files). Jobab is the name of my family’s first ancestor. His name is syllabalized as Jo.bab, which means “Jehovah” or “God” plus “to hold”.

(1) Under a traditional and early Chinese dynasty king, China will achieve a greater degree of democracy and freedoms as the nation of China develops, modernizes, and evolves. (2) The Chou Dynasty (Jo Dynasty) is a Hebrew dynasty, run by Hebrew people, my family, who migrated to China, intermarried with the Chinese people, and became one of the greatest and most powerful families in China in ancient times. And it is from this patriarchal root and lineage that I descend.

The Hebrew leadership of China, in ancient times and throughout its history, is represented by the Chou clan and dynasty:

Jobab (our clan’s first and namesake ancestor)
Zhou Dynasty (1046–256 BC)
Western Zhou Dynasty (1027-771 BC)
Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-221 BC)
Later Zhou Dynasty (951-960 AD)
Modern Zhou Dynasty (1644-present)

My family is a Hebrew family, whose genealogy resides at http://zhoudynasty.freewebsites.com/. We are paternal descendants of Eber (refer to the genealogy at the above-mentioned website), who, from the Middle East, eventually intermarried and migrated with China’s Hamite population to China. This occurs possibly due to wars, killings, and forced assimilation of one tribal group into another. All people who descend from Eber are known as Hebrew. Abraham, a Hebrew, fathers Isaac. Yet, he and his descendants are known as Jews or Jewish people. Nimrod was a leader, the leader, possibly clanfather of all Hamites, according to the Bible history. (See my family’s genealogy book “Xiangtan Fangshang Zhou shi jia pu 湘潭 方上 周氏 家譜”)

Our family’s surname of Chow is derived from the personal name of our clan ancestor Jobab (Jo.bab). Jo is pronounced in the exact same way as the first syllable in the name Joshua (Jo.shua) and holds the exact same Hebrew meaning. The name Jo, as in the case of the name Joshua (Jo.shua), is the shortened version of the name Jehovah. The shortened form of the name “Jehovah” (God’s Holy name) is traditionally shortened as “Jah”, “Ja”, or “Jo”, which is acceptable. “Jo” is and has been romanized in the Chinese language, mistakenly, in America and worldwide, as Chou or Chow. Yet, in China, our family surname is correctly pronounced as Jo like in the name Joshua!

Introduction, brief notes, webpages, and guestbook below:


Important messages have been posted to the right of the green bar below:

I have been on the internet advertising and promoting myself since 1987. I created this website on 06-23-2008.

Officially by the history of China and by China’s Han-Chinese Imperial Court installation of my great-grandfather, Shun Cheong, during the time of the Manchurian conquest of China (foreign rule of China), I am China’s current and official Han-Chinese succession emperor today.

Unfortunately, I am poor, unemployed, homeless, and disabled. Being a good man by Christian standards, I feel that, though I am in poverty, I have nothing to feel ashamed about. Briefly speaking, I envision an upright China, a Christian China, where people are good and respectful of the things of God and loyal to their nation. Goodness and being upright, hopefully, will be the mark of my kingdom. Does anyone think that this, being good and upright, is the wrong thing for China?

I live in the United States of America and I try not to broadcast my whereabouts too loudly for security reasons. My grandfather fled China to escape Manchurian persecution and certain death. My father and I were born here. I have nothing today, no money, no savings, and no security protection.

I am supposed to be under the federal witness protection, due to my federal government whistle blowing activities, but the federal government, somehow, has not provided me with any kind of protection.

I am an accomplished man, political negotiator, and head-of-state-in-exile.

I live in a homeless shelter and it’s no fun to be living here. I suffer, emotionally, every day and I would certainly like to get out of here immediately. I wish that I were well-off and returning to China in good grace and with the love of all of the American people.

Doesn’t anyone care?

PLEASE GET ME OUT OF HERE! I wish that people would immediately contact me and would immediately help me along these lines.

I am need of security protection and I hope that people will write to President Obama and remind him of his legal and ethical obligations to uphold the constitution with respect to the protection and security of a visiting foreign head of state.

Was President Obama truly born in Hawaii or was he born in Kenya? Why then is he not concerned with his fellow man, China’s current succession emperor-in-exile, a truly good and upright man, perhaps the next President of China, who was born in Hawaii? Why not ask President Obama and see what he says! I would be truly happy to read his private and candid remarks in the press!

If you wish, I would feel truly honored and humbled if you chose to sign my official guestbook found at the bottom of this page. And take note that President George H.W. Bush, President William Jefferson Clinton, Presidential-candidate John McCain as well as many other very distinguished people have signed my MySpace guestbook. I plan to install a discussion forum on my WordPress website, where your comments may be made later.

I am of Han-Chinese ancestry and I am the king’s lineage descendant of China’s Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC to present). I am officially, by the history of China and by official Han-Chinese records and genealogy, emperor of the nation of China. I am currently poor, unemployed, homeless, and disabled living in the United States of America in a homeless shelter.

I am poor and in failing health. I am an occassional student at the University of Hawaii and I completed four years of college as a management major and history minor. My minor, which I personally designed, is called “A look at 150 nations around the world with a focus on China and the Middle East.”

In 1990-91, during the Iraq War, I was the political negotiator between Iraq’s President Saddam Hussein and U.S. President George H.W. Bush.

I was the negotiator who brought about a peace accord (as reported on C-Span), which Saddam Hussein had agreed to, saving U.S. troop lives. Don’t Americans care for the truth and don’t they want to see good ends come about for everyone on this world’s scene? A man goes to the extreme to foster and bring about such things and no one seems to care or give thanks for what this man has done, his successful negotiation efforts at bringing about peace in the Middle-East.

I currently have no security protection, so my whereabouts must be kept secret and not broadcast too loudly.

I am a man who will hopefully one day lead the whole nation of China and I will craft, create, and support a Western-style democracy in China. I am dedicated to upright principles with respect to God.

I am a Christian. A man who prays to God daily, yet no one cares for me or for my welfare. Is this the kind of treatment that I am to receive in the United States of America, even by Christians? Kept in extreme poverty, despised and hated. What say you, American people, and what say you, President Obama?

I really do hope that my brother Christians will care and that they might see fit to help me out of my poverty, as no one else seems to care!

Does President Obama and Secretary Clinton care? Please write to them and ask. How about University of Hawaii students and the rest of the world, doesn’t anyone truly care?

My vision is (a) to bring God’s word, to China, to my family’s land, where over 80 percent of its people are athiest and (b) to lead the nation of China by principles of righteousness.

The United States in comparison has a Christian population of 80 percent and does not really need me. Do Americans care about my welfare, I often ask myself? I am China’s current emperor and head of state living in the United States of America amoungst them, in their midst!

Important as I am, do Americans care? Care if I live or die in this nation of theirs or have enough to eat and have a safe place to sleep, instead of living out on the streets as a homeless person.

I have a damaged spine (nerve and muscle damage), osteoarthritis of the joints (fingers, elbows, and knees), and two damaged knees (ligament damage, fractures, bone spurs, and torn meniscus).

I am in need of vision care (I have cataracts and glaucoma) and very expensive dental treatments. And I have no source of income and no savings.

I am in immediate need of support (food, shelter, clothing), health care, and a round of good friends who really and truly care. And as of this day, I have nothing!

I am facing very serious health problems and medical bills. And I don’t honestly know how long I will survive.

I have been beaten three or four times by thugs and they have openly threatened my life saying that they are going to kill me!

With respect to President Obama, is he not willing to recognize my heritage and title?

Recognition will not only qualify me for U.S. Secret Service protection, but it will allow me to raise funds to provide for my own needs. It will allow me to raise funds for adequate and suitable housing and security protection (my own bodyguards) for my stay in America and for my return home to China. This is sorely needed!

In 1990-91, I served as the political negotiator who successfully secured Saddam’s agreement to White House demands for his withdrawal from Kuwait thereby saving U.S. troop lives!


I am a family friend of Hawaii’s first Governor, the late William F. Quinn. I am, also, a friend of his son, Tim Quinn, due to my participation in politics and due to being a member of Hawaii’s Young Republicans. Tim allowed me to cast the winning vote for Nelson Rockefeller in Hawaii’s Young Republican mock-election in 1968.

I am a family friend and relative of the late U.S. Army General William Westmoreland and the late U.S. Senator Hiram L. Fong.

I am a second-cousin to the late William Kwai Sun Chow, Hawaii’s top martial artist in the 1940s to the 1970s. His specific form of martial arts is called Chinese Kara-Ho Kempo (Kenpo).

Even though I am Professor Chow’s second-cousin, no one from the martial arts community ever visits me or says “Hi!”. Hey, martial arts people, how about visiting this website, signing my guestbook and don’t forget to tell other people about me!


My family’s surname is of Hebrew origin. We are paternal Hebrews and descendants of Jobab, 11th son of Joktan.

My family’s 4,000 year old banner (genealogy tree) is proudly being displayed at the University of Hong Kong and the University of Hawaii Hamilton Library.

East Asia
Microfilm S10239 1975

Xiangtan Fangshang Zhou shi jia pu
湘潭 方上 周氏 家譜

A map of the official Ch’ing Dynasty Imperial residence (Hawaii location) appears below. Henry P’u Kun Aisin-Gioro, my maternal grandfather, is the grandson of the Ch’ing Dynasty Emperor Tao Kuang.

My maternal grandmother is the great-great-granddaughter of Chang Cheng-kung, who is, also, known as Koxinga. Koxinga like his father and grandfather, before him, were military commanders during the Ming Dynasty.

Information about Koxinga’s father, Chang Chi-long (鄭芝龍), who was, also, known as Nicholas Gaspar, and Koxinga’s grandfather, Chang Shao-hsu (鄭紹祖), can be found online at Encyclopedia Wikipedia

What made Koxinga famous, in my opinion, was that he led a Chinese army against the Dutch in a successful effort to re-capture Taiwan from the Dutch in the 1640s. Chinese with bow and arrows fighting against the Dutch with muskets and cannons.

My paternal or father’s lineage represents the current Imperial or royal lineage of China (Zhou Dynasty 1644-present).

My mother’s lineage comes from the Ching Dynasty from Emperor Tao Kuang’s lineage. Ch’ing Dynasty Emperor’s son’s Hawaii residence

My family’s Christian background from China to Hawaii:
http://himyaosui2.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/religion-in-china … part-one/
http://himyaosui2.wordpress.com/2008/06/28/religion-in-china … part-two/


Open Diary:
My Diary at Open Diary

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Security concerns:

Family genealogy (Chou clan and Hawaii’s Chinese community):

Please join me in worship at my church:
First China Mission Church and China Mission

Family’s former church membership in UCC at Judd Street:
United Church of Christ – Judd Street

Family’s church membership in First Chinese Church of Christ (UCC):
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My UCC Profile:
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Hawaii residents: Read and comment on my UCC Blog

In the United States of America, I had two heart attacks (in 2003, heart palpitations at home, and in 2011, at the Institute for Human Services), yet no one seems to care about my welfare!


Chinese Love Song (5:15) 48,023

I still love you forever (3:07) 250,726

A Tea Ballad (6:21) 751,362

My Favorite Chinese Song (4:10) 2,908

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The Best Chinese Songs in 2011:
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The Best Chinese Songs in 2012:
1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_G-28SJ54HA (35:04) 960,706 hits
2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu0ETpjvcXo (3:31) 1,607 hits


Ryutsuki 流月- Falling Osmanthus Flower 桂花落 (20 songs)

Yan Yidan 严艺丹 – Three Inches of Heaven 三寸天堂

Assenjie & Ling Zhixuan – Fate 姻缘

Beautiful Girl, I Love You!

More music:
Masterpiece of Chinese Music
Heiau – Hawaiian Style Band



Zhou Enlai Peace Institute
by Micheal North and Zhou Hsiao-fang

Just for the fun of it, in 2009, I created, online, an Avatar of myself called Tiacha. I don’t remember the website’s url or the name of the online company that I did this through. I saved this picture of me called “Tiacha”, a Na’vi character, on an old harddrive. I hope that you like him.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama is not a natural born American. He is, therefore, believe it or not, not qualified and not legally President of the United States of America. We have an illegal President in the White House. How does this sit with you, the people?


For further information about Barack Obama please contact:

Philip J. Berg, Esquire
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ABC News: Who is China’s Congress New Leaders
Wikipedia biography: Xi Jinping
Wikipedia biography: Li Keqiang

Where do you go for the news? Being China’s emperor and head of state in exile…and also poor, unemployed, homeless, and disabled with four years of college under my belt, I visit:

Xinhua – China, World, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Photos and …
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China Daily
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1. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

2. Why did the chicken cross the road?

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This website was first published on 06-23-2008. My observations of life, from 2008, from the time when I first published my website, until 2013, is that hardly anyone visits my website and no one cares if I live or die. No one cares if I have enough to eat or if I am safe in my person and with good health. Sometimes, goodness and love flows one way. It is the greater one who cares about humanity and the greater world and this man often gives his all for humanity (being a successful Iraq War negotiator) and for people. And in his time of need, though, no one comes to his aid and rescue. For all of the good that he has done in this world and for all of the potential lives that he has saved, no one cares for this man whether he has enough to eat or whether he lives or dies! No one cares! 02-12-2013.

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